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    Sajad Akhtar, Cab #42
    City & State: Woodbridge, VA

    Since the first time Mr. Sajad Akhtar picked my son and myself in his cab many months ago, he has provided outstanding service to us. He greets us by name, is always on time when he is called to pick us up at our location, and is the model of friendliness, courtesy and respect to both of us, and, I am sure, to all his customers.I highly recommend Mr. Akhtar for Driver of the Month, if there is such a title at Yellow Cab of Prince William. He has certainly earned it. Thank you, and Happy Holidays to all the drivers, dispatchers and staff members at Yellow Cab.Sincerely,Susan and David Levine

    Cabbie gets lost and leaves elderly woman miles from destination
    City & State: Woodbridge Virginia

    The following is based on my observations and from details provided to me by the elderly woman who experienced the incident. The afternoon of 17 Sept 2017 A yellow cab driver picked up an elderly passenger at the Food Lion located 5592 Staples Mill Plaza, Woodbridge, VA 22193. This can be verified with cab records and the employee who ordered the cab for the woman, who I will refer to as “ M” . The woman, M, provided the driver an address on Birch White Ct, approximately 0.5 miles away from the Food Lion. Instead the Yellow Cab driver took her to White Birch CT, six miles away. Although the woman, who I estimate was approximate age of 75, tried to correct him, according to her he ignored her and continued talking on his phone, playing the radio. The reason I know this information is because she conveyed it to me when I found her wandering the street of my neighborhood with her grocery bags. It was a hot humid day and she looked very distressed. Apparently, feeling she could not get the driver to correct his mistake and take her to the correct location, she paid him 16 dollars cash and left the cab. When I encountered her she was approximately a ¼ mile from where she got out of the cab and trying to find the road home (for a 6 mile walk). She had no phone that I could see and was from out of town, having arrived here to assist a niece who just had a baby and whose husband is deployed. I asked her to sit and wait while I took the dog home and got my vehicle. I then googled the address she had written on a piece of paper and it immediately appeared on the map. I of course drove her home and informed the niece of what occurred. It is unbelievable that the cabbie did not try to resolve this but rather let this woman out into the streets. This woman was absolutely correct and aware of what was going on and yet she said the cabbie ignored her. If he felt that she was not able to understand things it is even more imperative not to dump her on the street. However, in this case, despite being a very sharp and quite together individual she was in my opinion discriminated based on her age.

    Thank you very much for relaying this information to me. Our driver was 100% wrong and will not work again until he is retrained!

    I have reviewed the call and the recording of the phone call. The person that requested the cab did say that she was going to White Birch Ct. He relayed the information given to him by the customer so it is possible that she reversed the order of the words.

    Regardless of that simple mistake the driver compounded the problem by not listening and leaving an elderly passenger in the heat somewhere she wasn't familiar with and didn't want to be. I would very much like to offer a full refund and my sincere apologies.

    I also want to take the time to thank you for your selflessness. Thank God that we have people like you in the world that would take the time to help someone in distress. I hope that I would pay attention to what was going on around me and do the same.

    If you have the customers information and would either like to share it with me or reach out to her and have her contact me I would be most grateful. I would like to apologize personally to both of you for the extremely poor treatment you received from the driver. Please feel free to call me if you like and have the customer call if she wishes.

    With sincere apologies,

    Tammy Beard
    Ira C Inc T/A Yellow Cab of PW
    P.O. Box 141
    Woodbridge, VA 22194
    Dispatch 703-491-2222
    Business Office 703-494-8507
    Direct Dial 571-398-0110

    Excellent driver!
    City & State: Woodbridge, Va

    We drove with Mr. Sajjad Akhtar and he was very kind. He didn't make us feel uncomfortable. His car was very clean. He was so thoughtful and asked if we needed a ride back. He was so sweet and the conversation we had with him was inspirational. He was very kind. Asked about our children and said god bless. As a Christian it meant a lot to us! He drives cab number 42. Very personable! I highly recommend him!

    Luis Garcia
    City & State: Woodbridge, VA

    I've caught a few cabs here and there, but I've never experienced such extraordinary customer service until today... Mr. Luis Garcia was my driver and he is SO sweet and inspirational. He was very friendly and told me alot about hisself and his life and I felt like I was talking to a close friend or relative because of how open and friendly he was. He kept me entertained the entire cab ride and he gave me a lot of good advice (I'm a high school student) about life and my career path. He is so awesome someone should really give him a raise or something because I've never had any other cab driver connect with me on such an inspirational level.

    Excellent Customer Service
    City & State: Dumfries, Virginia

    Basically, I needed a cab today and was provided the upmost service. I had left my phone in one of left my phone in one of your cabs, the manager and her team ensured that I received my phone in sufficient time to implement various transactions. I had already arrived at my destination when I realized that I had left my phone in the cab. When I explained that I was unable to pick the phone up from the office, she ensured that I received the phone in a matter of minutes.

    I thank God for such kind/understanding people. You are #1 in customer service/industry. Thank you so much. And have a Merry Christmas. Ms. Pearson

    First time cab rider
    City & State: Warrenton, VA

    I want to take the time to let you know about the experience that I had with one of your drivers. Unfortunately, I cannot even begin to spell the name correctly, but I assume that your records would indicate the driver who handled the service.

    I had never taken a cab service before in the State of VA ( I had no need as I have always had a car) until 11/5/15, when I was involved in motor vehicle accident. I was taken to the local hospital and upon discharge, needed to secure a ride home (Warrenton, VA). I phoned the cab company about 20 minutes before I was to be discharged thinking that it would take a long time for the cab to actually show. However, within a matter of minutes I got a phone call from the drive letting me know that he was there. Because I was not yet ready, I was afraid that he would leave and I would have to wait longer for either him to come back or for another cab to come. I was injured and at this point I only wanted to go home and be with my family. The driver let me know that he would not leave and would wait for me ( I still was not sure that he would actually be there then I got outside). To my pleasant surprise, not only was he still there but, when he realized that I was have difficulty, he got out of the car, took my things and helped me to the car.

    There was one stop that I needed to make before the ride to Warrenton, as my damaged car was at the salvage yard and I had valuables in the car that I wanted to obtain. I was not sure of the address to the salvage yard, but once I provided the name, the driver located the address on his tablet/ GPS. Once we arrived, he not only helped but actually allowed me to instruct him as to what I needed from the car. When I had to get out of the cab to sign paperwork, he held onto me to ensure that I did not fall (the ground was wet, I had on heels- the only shoes I had at the time, and the ground was just gravel with several pot holes). He was very kind, polite, and a gentleman in ensuring that I did not fall.

    As we drove to Warrenton, the conversation that we had was not only a pleasant one but a culturally enlightening one as well. During the drive, I was having some side affects from the medication and the experience I had just gone through and several times he asked me of I was ok. Again, the attention to my well-being was appreciated.

    Once we arrived in Warrenton, my husband was able to assist me in getting out of the car and taking the things out but the driver also helped and placed them on my porch.

    Again, this is a just my response to the genuine services that was provided to me by your driver. Having not been in this situation before, I was very pleased with the service and more specifically the drive who handled my call on 11/5/15. I am certainly appreciative for his attentiveness, as I realize that he did not have to be so caring.

    Read and Article

    I wanted to reach out to you and let you know I read the article in Prince William Living about the cab company and you. It was a really good article - I know you've worked hard since you've taken it over and it shows. The fleet on the road would make your Dad proud. Oh, and by the way, you look fabulous! Just wanted to say.....Take care,Lori

    Thank you!

    Thank you for you help with the new Taxi Cash Card for my daughter Christine, and for my Senior Ride Card. I do appreciate your time and
    assistance with regard to my intellectually challenged daughter riding a
    taxi on her own to work.

    Thank You !
    City & State: Erie, P

    Thank You for the excellent & prompt service ! 3 days of back & forth from hotel to hospital to take care of my son ! Even with a computer crash , you still got a driver (Thanks William!) to take care of me ! kudo's and an A+ from me !

    City & State: Woodbridge va

    My name is drail , l like # 56 taxi cap driver, he always been on time, pick me up & drop

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